Demolition and Rebuilding in Brisbane

Demolition Control Precincts in Brisbane

Across a lot of the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane there are what’s called Demolition Control Precincts or DCP’s for short. The intention of a DCP is to protect the pre-war homes in the area from demolition and therefore maintaining the Queenslander character homes. It’s a nice sentiment, but quite often it means working with a home that requires significant restoration work due to the 100 years it’s been sitting in the Brisbane climate. Ironically, in part it’s the Queensland climate that inspired the characteristics of the Queenslander. The large veranda’s, high ceilings and breezeways all encourage the house to breathe through the hot summer days. Another key aspect is their construction well above ground, to avoid those large Brisbane storms.

Today we know more about the lay of the land and the locations that flooding and overland water flow occurs. In many cases Council maps provide a guide to minimum habitable floor heights. However, if your home is in a DCP, it doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t demolish it. Quite often it is possible to demolish post war homes even if in a DCP. So how does the council know if the home is post World War II or pre war? Council has aerial photography which was taken by the US Army during World War II. If your house doesn’t exist in these photos, chances are your house can be demolished providing you have a Building Approval to do so. T&B Builders Brisbane will be able to assist you in obtaining a building approval for this endeavour and also provide advice around what you can and can’t do if your land is in overland flow or a DCP.

Negotiating Brisbane City Council to complete your building plans

So if you have a Building Approval to demolish surely that means you have a Building Approval to construct? The answer is no, that is not the case. Quite often the older suburbs have what is called a Traditional Building Character Overlay. This means that new houses will require Town Planning approval before a Building Approval is issued. Once again T&B Builders Brisbane can assist you with this process and also assist you with determining the types of houses that can and can’t be constructed in these Brisbane Character Overlays. Either way, if you’re thinking of re-building or wanting to renovate a Brisbane Queenslander to its former glory, then please let us help you.

Getting the re-building process started

Our Brisbane Building Design and Architect teams are equally equipped at handling both new homes or Brisbane renovations alike. We relish the opportunity to discuss your prospective construction projects with you and present to you a range of options on both sides of the equation, so that you don’t feel railroaded into renovating or “detonating”. T&B Builders Brisbane are experienced new home builders and renovators in Brisbane and will have a solution to suit your requirements.

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