Custom Home Builders in Brisbane

Full Architecturally Designed Homes

T&B Builders Brisbane provide extensive Design and Construct options and are experienced custom home builders for your next dream home.

Our experiences is second to none, an the benefit to our client is we can provide personalised service from design right through to the end construction stage.
Throughout the whole process you deal direct with us, T&B Builders Brisbane to offer you the best experience possible whilst building your dream home

Custom Designed Houses Brisbane:

As experienced Design & Construct and custom home builders in Brisbane, our design team are driven to provide you with your dream home that is also highly functional and looks great. Our design and construct team will can supply you with high end 3-Dimensional drawings, so that you can get a full picture and no surprises in your home to give you an insight into your new home and ensure it matches your vision and aligns with your budget.

Some of the other design & construct services we offer include structural engineering, soil testing and Building Approvals. Once your Design & Construct house drawings are complete we will follow up with a completed construction quote and proceed once you are satisfied.

If you require any house raising services to compliment any new designs or constructions, see our full range of house raising services right here.

T&B Builders Brisbane have strong relationships with a number of local professional Brisbane Architects and Draftsman, and we look forward to offering both full design services aswell as construction services for your next construction project in Brisbane.

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