Renovating Queenslander Homes in Brisbane

T&B Builders Brisbane are renowned Queenslander Renovations Builders, with a history of completing extensive and high quality classic Queenslander transformations.

As Brisbane born and raised builders, we find ourselves drawn to renovating classic Queenslander houses into stunning modern architectural homes, and we also have extensive history working on post war homes throughout a range of Brisbane suburbs, both Northside and Southside.

A quality Queenslander renovation in Brisbane can increase the value of your home dramatically whilst being able to drive a significant amount of potential buyers, if you ever choose to sell. Aside from increasing value, it will also likely to improve your Queenslander house ownership satisfaction, and if anything, prolong the time you stay in your home.

We find one of the best ways to renovate your Queenslander is to raise the house and or restump your Queenslander, allowing more space below to complete a high detailed renovation, add more rooms, car ports, pools as well as increase your likelihood of gaining a great view.

We have a history of delivering high quality Queenslander renovations in Brisbane both on time and to our clients budgets. Our full services planning, building approval, renovation designs, construction & council submissions.

Watch our video on a full interior & exterior Queenslander Renovation performed in Brisbane

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