The term subdivision is something that you would normally associate with land developers, however at T&B Builders Brisbane it doesn’t have to be that way. We like to help and encourage you to develop your land so that you can unlock the potential.

The benefits of subdividing land in Brisbane include:

    • – Maintaining your home in your favourite Brisbane suburb
    • – Raise finance to add value to your existing home
    • – You can raise your house if you have to reposition it on the block
    • – Set the your home and finances up for retirement, so that you don’t have to sell the family home

In the past sub-divisions could be difficult, but now they are a little easier to achieve than in the past. This is because in-fill development is an important outcome for the Brisbane Local Council. It encourages development near existing infrastructure and helps reduce urban sprawl.

It’s now possible to subdivide a block on a corner that’s only 600m2. This was never possible before. There are easier options as well. These include registering a second lot. This can occur when your house sits on 2 lots, it’s just a matter of registering the second lot and then selling it as required. Of course we’d move your existing house over to the adjacent lot.

However, if it’s not possible to move your house or we determine that it’s more economical to leave the house in its current position, then it may be possible to realign the boundaries. Under this circumstance two even blocks could be split into two disproportionate blocks. You may be thinking who’d want to buy such a small or oddly shaped block. The answer to this question is someone who’s not wanting a lot of yard space, but at the same time doesn’t want to pay body corporate fees. These types of blocks are very attractive to investors and young professionals alike and T&B Builders Brisbane are good at designing homes to fit on small lots.

The above may sound complicated and a lot to take in, but our building design team are available to assist you with your town planning requirements and walk you through the process required for your Brisbane sub-division. We’re particularly gifted at dealing with Character Control Precincts and will be able to help you with modifying or renovating your Queenslander to fit onto your newly formed lot.

Our background and experience is predominantly dealing with Queenslander and colonial renovations, restoring them to their former glory. We’ve raised and slid many colonial houses in Brisbane as part of our portfolio of works and would be more than happy to provide you examples of such house raising work.

One trick that we use often with fitting houses onto blocks, is cutting the house back a little. This can sometimes be as simple as cutting the veranda off a Queenslander to give you the extra 2.5m that you need in order to get the 7.5m wide house onto a 10m wide lot. This option is not always possible in a Demolition Control Precinct, but we would be able to confirm by discussing with a Heritage Architect. It’s also possible to spin houses on blocks so, that a house taking up 2 lots is then spun onto one lot. With some neat building design work and our renovation skills combined, we can make a house look as though it was always meant to be.

These are just some of the many ideas that we have in our renovating and town planning repertoire. Please make contact with us to discuss your project in more detail and allow us to give you the planning knowledge that you need to make money out of your dirt.

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