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House Raising Plans

Whether you need a Brisbane architect or drafting plans completed for your house raise and re-stump project, T&B Builders Brisbane Design and Construct team will be able to assist. Dealing with an experienced house lifting company from the start, is going to save you a lot of time when everything you need to know about house lifting, restumping, engineering plans, house raising design and council approval is all in one place.

T&B Builders Brisbane don’t just claim to be an experienced Brisbane house raising company, our previous customers will back that up as referrals for you. We want to give you confidence in putting your home in our hands, almost literally as your house lift sits in the sky.

If you would like to understand the house raising process you can read our info page

Why do our clients contact us to get their houses raised in Brisbane?

Raising a Queenslander has almost become synonymous with big renovations in Brisbane. SEQLD houses offer a unique opportunity that the southern cities can’t take advantage of, as our timber construction methods adopted by the early settlers to were required to remove the risk of flooding and to keep the houses cool in the hot summers. Now that Brisbane City Council has detailed overland flow flood mapping reports, we can build in under houses with confidence, knowing that the ground floor is not at risk of flooding.

If you’ve determined that you home is in an overland flow area, then this doesn’t mean that you can’t raise and restump your Brisbane home. Generally with the help of a hydraulic engineer and careful planning, T&B Builders Brisbane will be able to assist you with a house raising approval process. Contact us if you need assistance with understanding overland flow and how it effects your Brisbane extension or renovation.

Creating the space the you need

We often get asked when we raise a house and put the new steel columns in underneath – How do we know the new posts won’t be in the middle of the room? The answer to this question is that when conducting the house raising plans, a structural engineer accounts for the proposed rooms drawn by the Brisbane draftsman or architect. He then designs the structure accordingly, so that this problem doesn’t occur. Having T&B Builders facilitate the relationship between draftsman and engineers at the planning stage will help your Brisbane house lifting and restumping project run smoothly.

Sliding or moving a house – House Raise and Sliding in Brisbane

T&B Builders Brisbane are accustom to projects requiring houses to be raised and slid. The process is reasonably simple and is usually conducted due to Brisbane City Council set-back requirements on small lot developments. There are other reasons as to why people slide a house and they are worth mentioning so that you can gain an understanding of what can be accomplished at relatively reasonable prices. You may choose to raise and slide your house for the following reasons:

  • Back a little, to give room at the front for a carport
  • To the back of the block to avoid traffic noise on the street and create a front yard
  • Slide the house to the adjacent allotment to the subdivide or sell the spare allotment
  • Sideways a little to allow side access for the back shed or installation of a pool at a later date.

Raising your home can create more space for additional rooms that you can lease out, and it will also raise the overall value of your home – while maintaining the traditional Queenslander style!

And of course, provide some real additional value to your Brisbane houses, by raising it to get exceptional views from multiple angles.

T&B Builders Brisbane are proud to partner with some of the best building & house raising companies in Brisbane, including Raise My House & Brisbane House Restumping

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